Introducing Real Teenagers Talking about Adolescent Depression:
A Video-Based Study Guide

Several years ago, Erika's Lighthouse created the video Real Teenagers Talking about Adolescent Depression to help teens understand teen depression from the inside out. This video has become a powerful tool for expressing how depression feels and how it affects teens suffering from it. What if teachers could use this material in the classroom to help students understand what depression is and know what to do if they or someone they know is suffering from it?

We proudly present our Real Teenagers Study Guide, designed for 8th graders and high school freshmen and sophomores.

This new program extends our existing Red Flags curriculum with exercises and activities based on the Real Teenagers video to help students better understand depression.

Materials include:

  • A primer on depression to give teachers general information about teen depression.
  • A copy of the video Real Teenagers Talking about Adolescent Depression.
  • Exercises to help generate discussion after viewing the video.
  • Exercises designed to explore the subject matter further, giving students:
    • A deeper understanding of depression
    • Information about the science of the brain and depression
    • An understanding of the stigma surrounding depression
    • Information about how to help a friend suffering from depression
    • Coping skills to deal with stress and build resiliency
    • Insight into bullying and depression.
  • Teacher Notes to give teachers additional information about each subject matter.
  • Takeaways for students, including a bookmark which lists the symptoms of depression and tips on how to help yourself or a friend who is suffering from depression.

The Study Guide also includes a section on what schools can do to help students who are suffering from depression and foster a culture of mental health in their schools.

The Study Guide is free of charge!

This was made possible by the generous support of our donors, and by grants from:

Village Treasure House

Rebecca's Dream

Download a copy of the Study Guide or Order a copy for your classroom.

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