These past few weeks have left many of us contemplating on the uncertainties within our lives. At the start of 2020 we may have set goals for ourselves to make this year the best year of our lives. We may have wanted to be the best athlete or learn a new skill. However, as the year progressed, our lives began to change. Instead of waking up early in the morning to go to school, We are sending emails and typing our homework to get an education. Instead of practicing for tournaments with our teams, we are independently practicing our favorite sport. When we turn on the news, we see that more events are cancelled. Some states are even in lockdown.

During this time, it’s crucial to remain positive. We can still accomplish our goals, but it just requires a different perspective. Read the following tips to get a head start on accomplishing
your goals.

1. Remain resolute in your goals. Everything is possible with a determined mindset!
2. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Are you spending more time with your family? Are you finally sleeping for the recommended eight hours every day?
3. Be creative with your goals. How can you utilize technology to accomplish your goals?
4. Reach out to people who believe in you and support your dream. Take this time to connect with the teacher, coach, family member, or friend who has always been there for you.

As a senior in high school, I’ve been focusing on self-improvement. I’m learning a few
new dance routines to get my daily dose of physical activity. I’m also using the extra time I have
to learn some of my mom’s favorite recipes. Let’s remind ourselves every day that we have an
opportunity to discover new passions and become resilient individuals.

Mahima Dave, Senior at South Elgin High School in Illinois

The team at Erika’s Lighthouse knows how challenging and difficult this transition is on our teens, educators, parents and others. We are here to help and support our young people. We have launched an exciting new campaign that will provide meaningful, practical resources for teens, educators and parents.