The 12-inch by 12-inch oil painting on display at Vivid Art Gallery in October is part of Angelina Vivant’s “Replenish” collection. (Courtesy Erika’s Lighthouse)

WINNETKA, IL — A Glencoe-based artist is using her work to support a local nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about teen mental health and depression.

Angelina Vivant has collaborated with Winnetka-based Erika’s Lighthouse to auction off an oil painting that she customized for the organization to capture themes of hope and replenishment, the nonprofit announced.

The 12-inch by 12-inch piece is part of Vivant’s “Replenish” collection, and its aquatic theme references the nonprofit’s titular lighthouse and aims to evoke serene feelings.

“Water is life-giving, calming,” Vivant said, “so many things that contribute to our well-being and healing. Hopefully, this piece will make someone feel a little bit of that.”

It will be on display during the artist’s feature exhibit at Vivid Art Galley, 895 Green Bay Road. An opening reception is scheduled for Oct. 1, bids will be accepted via email or in-person, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Erika’s Lighthouse.

Erika’s Lighthouse was founded by the parents of Erika Neukranz, a Washburne Middle School eighth grader, after she took her own life in April 2004 at the age of 14 following a battle with depression.

The nonprofit works to empower young people in New Trier Township and around the country to take ownership over their mental health and eliminate the stigma surrounding adolescents depression. It offers free programs for parents, educators and students from about fourth through 12th grades.

“We are all affected by depression in some way, and the global pandemic adds weight to it all,” said Vivant. “I love that Erika’s Lighthouse brings light to mental health, supporting our children by offering resources and techniques to help them speak about it and manage it better.”

Brandom Combs, executive director of Erika’s Lighthouse, said in a statement that the organization was excited for the partnership with Vivant.

“Art is such a powerful medium to express emotions,” Combs said. “Angelina is using her talents to help advance meaningful conversations while raising funds for our mission. We are honored she has chosen to work with us as we embark on a challenging school year with millions of children and teens struggling.”

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