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Be There To Help Teens, Seniors Cope With Stay At Home Pressures

It’s been 26 days since Gov. J.B. Pritzker told Illinois residents to stay at home to blunt the spread of the COVID-19 virus and by now, you’re likely feeling a touch of cabin fever. The truth is you’re not alone in itching to get out and interact with people. Most of us are doing our […]

6 Mental Health Resources For Students During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In addition to physical health concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the global pandemic is causing most people–especially children–mental health stress and concerns, too. With schools across the country closed indefinitely and with states in various stages of social distancing or more severe lockdowns, students have lost their daily connections to friends and teachers. These […]

Teens In Isolation Finding Ways To ‘Be Social With Each Other’

Passing periods. The lunchroom. Softball practice. Musical rehearsals. It’s not just history and science classes that are suddenly gone or switched from in-person to online formats for teens in high school as the world responds to the coronavirus. It’s the social support system that gives order to teenage life. Without it, mental health experts say, […]

Teen Depression Program Aims To Reach Students

In an effort to help middle and high school students deal with issues related to teen depression, the Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation has been training school staff to help them recognize the signs in an effort to prevent suicide. In a partnership with Suffolk Public Schools, eighth- and 10th-grade students will hear from their health […]

Shining Bright

“Out of darkness, a beacon.” When Ginny Neuckranz and husband Tom lost their teenage daughter, Erika, to suicide, they made it their mission to turn her suffering and their grief into hope for other families. It was in her name and spirit they founded Erika’s Lighthouse, a nonprofit based in Winnetka targeted at mental health […]

NBA’s Kyle Anderson Returns For Depression Awareness Fundraiser

Kyle Anderson, a productive NBA small-forward on the Memphis Grizzlies who is approaching his sixth season, returned to his hometown of North Bergen, with plans to do more than catch up with relatives who still live locally. On Aug. 11 and 12, Anderson hosted a Celebrate Life Day basketball tournament and clinic. He began running […]