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The Changemaker Network: How to Join & More

What is the Changemaker Network? The Changemaker Network is a new forum open for you to connect and post with other student mental health leaders. You can post the wonderful things you or your club is doing for mental health, get ideas from other student leaders, or even look to connect with other students to […]

Mental Health Literacy in Schools

Erika’s Lighthouse is a beacon of hope for schools seeking to create inclusive and supportive environments where mental health matters. Mental health literacy is defined as an understanding of common mental health disorders, how to maintain positive mental health, increase help-seeking, and reduce stigma. When schools prioritize and adopt programs that teach mental health literacy, […]

Empowerment Clubs

What programs or resources are included in Erika’s Lighthouse Empowerment Clubs? We offer opportunities for students to take on leadership roles in their schools through Official Empowerment Clubs, Affiliate Clubs and turn-key campaigns called Awareness into Action Activities. Empowerment Clubs are good mental health clubs that normalize conversations by reducing stigma and encouraging help-seeking, all […]