Everything changed so fast and so completely. Now – two months in – we are all probably fairly well adjusted to it all. We are not necessarily enjoying it or thriving in it, but we have changed the way we are managing the day-to-day and we are getting by. 

We have witnessed great ways of connecting: 
  • Video chat meetings and visits are taking place all over the world. 
  • Neighbors and friends are checking in on each other in ways they hadn’t in the past. 
  • Celebrities are connecting with their audiences to try to bring joy into their homes. 
  • Families are connecting through games, cooking and meals together. 

We have been forced to slow down, be creative and connect. We may be missing out on the rituals that mark life’s key moments and people are creatively looking for ways to still make these special moments count: 

  • Weddings have been done via video so that loved ones can witness the union.
  • Funerals have taken on a new and perhaps more intimate approach.
  • Virtual graduations are happening across the county, enabling more relatives the opportunity to share in the moment.
  • Prom Kings and Queens are still being recognized. Teens are still taking keepsake prom pictures all dressed up in the special outfits purchased for the occasion.
  • Birthdays are now celebrated with parades of decorated cars and police leading the celebration.
We can look at what we have lost, or we can take the positive spin and look at what we have gained.

We have definitely gained a new appreciation for the simplicity of human connection:

  • Visits we used to take for granted, we can’t wait to have again. 
  • Cooking a meal in the past may have been a chore, whereas now it is an activity. 
  • We have learned to be happy with what we have.
  • We are grateful for our farmers, our truck drivers, our grocery store employees in ways many never bothered to notice or acknowledge before.
  • People are finally doing the things they never seemed to have the time to get to.
  • Many who at one time glorified being busy, have learned it is ok and even nice to slow down.
We can take this time to recharge and reflect:
  • What were you doing before that you don’t want to go back to?
  • What have you added that you want to keep doing even after restrictions have lifted? 
  • What did you take for granted that you now truly appreciate?

Take the time to reflect on what you have gained during this time rather than what you have lost. What have you learned (tough lessons count!) that will help you manage whatever is next?

Author: Lisa Honcharuk, Manager of Marketing and Engagement