Erika’s Lighthouse has grown and people are becoming more open to talking about mental health. It does have an impact on people. Even if you don’t see it directly, talking about this has helped me be more open to talking about it with friends and family or whoever may need help. – Allison, Teen Empowerment Club Member at Downers Grove North High

Erika’s Lighthouse is built around one fundamental message: “You are not alone.” As part of Erika’s Lighthouse community, you know that this critical message has never been more important than it is right now. At Erika’s Lighthouse, we are driven to create the best resources for educators, counselors, social workers, teens, and parents to help teens address mental health in a positive and encouraging way.

In this mental health emergency, adolescents need the brightest possible beacon of hope. Mobilized by our generous supporters, the Erika’s Lighthouse community has heeded the call, empowering educators, parents, and teens with:

  • Videos, webinars, and other materials for educators to advance awareness and understanding that depression is real, common, serious, and treatable and to help students develop help-seeking skills and know that they are not alone (with more than 100 new resources designed to help navigate the dramatic changes of remote learning).
  • A Family Workbook in both English and Spanish, offering guidance for parents on recognizing the signs of teen depression and being an effective advocate and ally for their teens
  • A new remote learning program specific to the needs of youth at home.
  • New programming for 4th and 5th grades to communicate with our hopeful messaging and help-seeking focus.

In just the past year, Erika’s Lighthouse has expanded its reach by over 90% to 530 schools supporting over 218,000 students. This growth and the ability to accelerate Erika’s Lighthouse mission to meet today’s extraordinary challenges was made possible by the expertise and generosity of Erika’s Lighthouse community.

Even with all these advancements, the lingering uncertainty of the time means the work is really just beginning. Erika’s Lighthouse is asking for your partnership in getting depression out of the dark with a gift on #GivingTuesday. The #GivingTuesday goal for 2020 is $5,000. Your gift and every dollar raised in this campaign will help ensure that no teen feels alone.

Adolescent depression has been increasing at an alarming rate. Being a middle school teacher and seeing the direct impact mental health has on our youth (especially right now) and in my own personal life, I know how serious of a problem it is and that it calls for prompt, appropriate treatment. Erika’s Lighthouse is having a tremendous impact on our youth and is helping to break the mental health stigma. Alyssa Hansen, Professional Board Member

Together, we can shine a bright light in the darkness, enabling more educators and parents to help teens. Every dollar helps Erika’s Lighthouse encourage teens to recognize what they need and to seek help. Your generosity makes it possible for Erika’s Lighthouse to meet its critical mission. Please be a part of this community of hope on #GivingTuesday with your gift to Erika’s Lighthouse.