Feedback on discussion forums has been clear: participants appreciate the opportunity to learn from and reflect on their practice with colleagues across the country. Participating in an online forum in which everyone can connect with peers and engage in meaningful conversation is a great opportunity to share your experiences, successes, questions, and concerns.

Anytime I can reflect on myself, my career and connect with my colleagues, it’s a win for me, but more importantly, it’s a win for my students.

 That is why Erika’s Lighthouse has created a safe place for our users to connect with others on our new online Discussion Forum.

We believe the best conversations arise when people feel that they can use the Discussion Forum as a tool to extend their learning rather than as a place where they must compose the “correct” answer to a specific question. You will find our staff posing occasional questions to consider, however, these are simply meant as a jumping-off point or a discussion that will help us to continue to assist you.

We encourage participants to offer specific examples of the ways in which they have had success in teaching our program and reaching their students in discussions regarding mental health.

Here are a few great benefits of using Erika’s Lighthouse Discussion Forum:

  • It encourages meaningful discussions and enhanced collaboration, which may bring new ideas to the table.
  • You can simply ask a question within the forum and see everyone’s responses in a clear, chronological order.
  • It enables participants more time to formulate responses and opinions.
    It offers flexibility and convenience: A forum is available at all times of day or night to schedules. 
  • Participants learn about the content from another perspective.
  • Participants can find archived discussions by topic such as Classroom Programs, Teen Empowerment Clubs, and Parent Engagement.

If you already have a Resource Portal account, simply log in and click on the “Discussion Forum” option at the top of the page. You will be enrolled in our new system to build an online community supporting school mental health.

If you haven’t yet signed up for your free Resource Portal Account, now is the time. Not only do we have 100+ resources available to you, but now you will have instant access to your peers across the country. We look forward to participating in informative and engaging discussions with you so that together we can Get Depression Out of the Dark.