“No singing…”

“No movement…”

“No choir…”

“No wind instruments…”
(OK full disclosure, this gets rid of the recorder which is not an entirely bad thing if I’m honest… but I digress.)

Music is the international language.

We really have two viruses right now that we are battling: COVID-19 and racism. Music unites people from all different cultures and brings people together. Music heals. Music celebrates and soothes. Music invites.

The world is such a mess right now and if I were in the classroom as a music teacher, as I have been my whole life, and I couldn’t sing or make music with children, it would truly break my heart. When children are frightened or uncomfortable or feeling something deep down, music brings them back.

We need to grieve and we need to honor this important part of the school day (or religious traditions) which is not accessible until we have a vaccine. However, teachers are creative and thoughtful and they are problem solvers and they think outside of the box. I’m hearing a lot of talk about how it’s a “priority to teach the core subjects”, but let’s not in our haste forget about the subjects that for some children represent their best part of the day.

Some students only feel successful in music class or in drama or band. Some students who have anxiety or depression or are fearful are looking forward to being back in their ensembles and rehearsal groups with their friends who share their interests and with their teachers who motivate and inspire them.

I raise a glass to all of the Creatives out there…

just because you’re not labeled as a core subject doesn’t mean you are no longer a part of a child’s core development. We need you. And so do they. Stay strong and know that even if you’re not teaching the subject that you are trained to teach better than any other this fall, remember that children will be so happy to see you, your face, your eyes above your mask, smiling at them and welcoming them back.

We’ve got this. ❤️

Brightest Blessings,

Dr. Molly Cinnamon
Principal, Pope John XXIII School
Evanston, IL