Depression continues to be the most common mental health disorder among teens, and the rates are rising. Between 15-20% of young people will experience a depressive episode before the age of 20 — think about that, that’s 5 kids out of a class of 25. And 90-98% of all youth suicides involve a mental illness, the most common being depression. Erika’s Lighthouse depression education programs can be an essential piece of creating an inclusive school culture around mental health

When schools use Erika’s Lighthouse depression education programs and resources, they promote a culture of good mental health, reducing stigma and teaching help-seeking skills. By educating all students, not just those who have depression, there is a chance for students to say, “Wait a minute, I didn’t know that that was depression. I just thought this is what teenage years were supposed to feel like.” By using Erika’s Lighthouse depression education programs a school can have an early intervention, early education, and early awareness program. Allowing students to come forward more freely and ask for the help they deserve.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to have Erika’s Lighthouse programs in your school:
  • Empower students to reduce stigma, normalize conversations around mental health, promote help-seeking and manage their mental health.
  • Ensure that all educators are trained and equipped to know the warning signs, understand the language of being a trusted adult, and support student wellbeing in the classroom.
  • Engage and educate families in the conversation about youth mental health and supporting their child’s well-being at home.
  • Implementing our Tier 1 programs will promote an inclusive school culture around mental health that will reduce the amount of time and need for Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions.

“I want you all to know that our suicide attempt rate as measured by the YRBS, went down from 14.3% to between 5.4-7.2% since using your videos and the messages from your curriculum. We continue to be very impressed by your videos, website, and curriculum.” – Mental Health Coordinator, Wisconsin

Fighting adolescent depression requires compassion, empathy, and education. Erika’s Lighthouse depression education programs provide educators with youth-oriented materials that raise awareness, teach skills, encourage conversation, promote early identification and prevention, and help show teens that they are never alone. So many young people do not seek the help they need. By raising awareness of depression and reducing the stigma that surrounds it through education that is teen-centered, factual and hopeful, we can change that.