Erika’s Lighthouse was founded over 15 years ago on the passion and hard work of families, friends and a local community coming together to turn loss into action. Those passionate volunteers, many who are still with us today, drove the organization forward and created the modern Erika’s Lighthouse.

It is with that passion, energy and recognition of their efforts that Erika’s Lighthouse continues to understand the power and capacity of volunteers. Individuals around the world are elevating us by using their skills and ingenuity in impactful ways through marketing, fundraising, sales, leadership, education and so many more ways.

We encourage you to join us. The rising rates of depression and suicide in teens is a powerful call to action for each of us. We need your passion and energy to expand our reach, grow our programs and ensure no teen feels alone in their depression. 

Community Ambassadors

We are looking for committed individuals from around the world willing to contact school districts, social workers and educators and introduce them to Erika’s Lighthouse middle and high school classroom programs. Ambassadors representatives empowered to spread our message of hope. 

In order for Ambassadors to be successful, we have developed a suite of tools and resources available at their fingertips through computers, tablets and phones. Each Ambassador has access to training modules and a group of peers to practice, discuss and support one another. Learn more today >

Shine A Light

Not all hero’s wear capes – and not everyone has the skills or time to work on a long-term project like being a Community Ambassador. That is why we have created Shine A Light – an online portal where volunteers can design a personalized page to help spread awareness and raise funds for Erika’s Lighthouse.

Shine A Light campaigns can be in honor or memory of a loved one, celebrate a personal milestone like an anniversary or birthday or unleash creativity and create a completely unique opportunity to spread the word about depression, suicide and Erika’s Lighthouse. These opportunities are available – anytime – free of charge for passionate supporters and volunteers. Learn more today >

Join A Board

Chicago-based supporters looking to make an impact locally are also welcome! Our Lighthouse Council and Young Adult Board are expanding and looking for new volunteers to help us host events, staff exhibit tables, raise funds and generate awareness and excitement about our efforts. Learn more today >

Team Resilience: Race for Depression Awareness

Calling all athletes! Team Resilience is your opportunity to run, bike, swim, workout (whatever keeps you healthy and happy) while raising awareness and funds for Erika’s Lighthouse! Team Resilience is made up of passionate supporters running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, picking a race of their choice – anywhere around the world, or simply setting fitness and endurance goals of their own.

Give yourself a challenge – and then double down by raising funds. When your friends, family, co-workers and others are behind you’ll be more likely to achieve results! In addition, we are here to support you with personal fundraising coaching, peer support via a Facebook group, and tons of resources to keep you challenged and focused. Learn more today >

Join Our Journey

You can make an impact in your community and help us spread awareness and education about depression and suicide. Together we can ensure no child feels alone in their depression and pass on a message of hope. We look forward to working with you!

From the Desk of the ED: Brandon Combs