Owen University is now a college prep school! I think instead of watching Cheers to escape, I probably should be watching The Facts of Life for some pointers.

I don’t know what the best age is for kids to be quarantined. I miss the days of structure and free time fun. I miss the jumping in puddles and knowing the answers to things. I miss the hopefulness that comes from young children. When they were younger, I used to joke about all of the hats that I wore around here. I used to call everything “Lindy’s”. If I would attempt a ballet bun or crazy hair I would say, “Welcome to Lindy’s Hair Salon….” I would follow up with a weird voice that said, “Where the kids are mine!” We had a Lindy’s Restaurant where they would do takeout and eat on the patio. We had a Lindy’s Bakery, Art Studio, Dojo, Driving School, Tutoring Service, anything that I did would be announced with that welcome and followed up with that weird voice, “Where the kids are mine!” My mom called me Lindy.

Owen University is a spin off from Lindy’s. While I do not even know what classes they are taking, they are all on their own. Lindy’s College sounded wrong for this stage of their lives. I did provide a few working spaces and that’s all. All I can pretty much do now is offer occasional support. I can honestly say that I miss the days of everyone sitting around the dining room table doing their homework. I had this carousel of school supplies in the middle of the table. One kid always finished early so I taught him that trick of having a school book on the outside as a prop and a fun book 📖 on the inside. Reading was away from the table so that worked out great.

So Owen University is 7 days a week. Our mascot is a grey cat. I’m not really feeling the superintendent rank today. I feel more like the house mother.

Drink your water.
Keep well!


Author: Linda Rush Hindmand, wife and mom of four great people

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