Owen University is a small college in Mt. Prospect Illinois, 22 miles northwest of Chicago. It was founded by Linda Rush Hindmand. We love our students as if they were our own. We tailor each student’s curriculum and meals to however and wherever and whenever they want. We run a 24/7 school which includes dining.

Today should be a nice day weather wise. Our students will have the opportunity to work in the garage, just general cleaning up since it is so orderly. We are going to introduce an outside patio for our students so they can chill or study. Our co-founder Rick Hindmand will soon be getting his garden ready and is always looking for assistance. All of these wonderful life skills will be taking place in the upcoming days. We hope our students grow and thrive.

Interested in Owen University?

Unfortunately we are limited in space and only have room for one student on our waitlist. He is currently working in Virginia.

Author: Linda Rush Hindmand, wife and mom of four great people

The team at Erika’s Lighthouse knows how challenging and difficult this transition is on our teens, educators, parents and others. We are here to help and support our young people. We have launched an exciting new campaign that will provide meaningful, practical resources for teens, educators and parents.