For over 15 years we have devoted our time, talent and resources to create a community of empathy and education. Thanks to the commitment of educators, the backing of parents, the generosity of supporters and the passion of teens we have been able to share our programming across the country.

Now we are facing new challenges none of us could have expected. Just a few weeks ago we were deeply concerned about the rising rates of stress, anxiety, depression and suicide in our teens. Today, we are watching as efforts to protect our physical health potentially cripple our teen’s mental health. We must act now.

We’re In This Together

Erika’s Lighthouse is proud to launch a new campaign aimed at reaching teens feeling isolated and alone. “We’re In This Together” is an opportunity to empower teens with resources aimed at educators, parents and teens themselves. 

Our goal is to provide practical, meaningful tools that teens, educators and parents can use at home, school or through e-learning that can support teens through uncertain times.

I encourage you to visit our new campaign page today: to access these resources.

Build A Beacon of Hope

This campaign came together after we cancelled our 2020 Spring Gala. It was evident that our communities are in crisis and Erika’s Lighthouse has a unique voice to help communities. 

The call of increased resources for teens, educators and parents falls on us, but so does the loss of revenue from our Spring Gala. Brick by brick, you can help us ensure that schools and families around the country have the tools they need to meet their teen’s needs. We are counting on you to help us Build a Beacon of Hope–one brick at a time. 

We understand that teenage depression thrives in isolation. It feeds on silence. It lives in the darkness. That’s why we’re dedicated to light, to conversation, and to community. Our teens need us now more than ever to be there for them.  We are committed to staying vigilant in offering trusted adults the support that they need and teens to know they are not alone. You too, can help make this happen.

We’re In This Together to Get Depression Out of the Dark. Thank you for joining us in our efforts.