So many of our students really listened and heard the message of your curriculum!!!  They heard it, they thought about what they’re feeling, and they asked for help! THEY ASKED FOR HELP!  That’s truly the whole point, right? Awareness, understanding, and not being afraid to confront what you’re feeling and ask for help rather than suffer in silence. 

I had two students reach out on behalf of their friends. One reported that her friend was cutting. Another asked me to please see her friend ASAP, as she felt her friend was really in crisis. Both referred to the video from class and how the best way to help a friend is to not keep this a secret.

These past two weeks have been SO busy, but SO worth it. These are kids who, without that curriculum, likely would’ve said nothing, would’ve continued to struggle, and would’ve received no help.  Now I feel like they’ve taken that first big step… acknowledging what they’re feeling and recognizing that they need assistance. And because of Erika’s Lighthouse, they will get it. 

THANK YOU for your continued assistance, support, and partnership with us. I’m so grateful for Erika’s Lighthouse and I am so proud of my students. I am fortunate to work in a building where my administration and fellow colleagues value mental health education and support this curriculum. I am already making notes for how I want to teach this next year, because we will, without question, continue to use this curriculum. 

Thank you and all at Erika’s Lighthouse who work to raise awareness about teen depression. I truly believe you are making such a positive difference in the life of so many!

Lia Lamb, School Counselor, Cass Junior High

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