Loneliness – An epidemic that might grow in the time of Covid 19

There was a recent study out from Cigna that spoke to loneliness being a serious and growing issue among adults. I can’t imagine it is much different for our youth.  The study shared both the serious concerns this raises as well as the benefits of living in community.  Although the study explored loneliness in adults, I can’t imagine it is much different for our youth.  

So, the effects of this isolation on our psyche is yet to be felt. This is a reflection from an amazing mother, educator and principal of Pope John XXIII in Evanston. Dr. Molly Cinnamon shares with us her 17 year old daughter’s feelings. Lucy is a Junior in high school.

Tonight my daughter kind of broke. She came into my room and laid down next to me in my bed and sobbed, like a little girl. I understand that she is grieving. She is missing her friends, her teachers, her classes and her high school, her life.

I told her what my mom always tells me when I’m sad: the amount that you hurt when something is taken from you is a testimonial to the amount that you loved.

Check in on each other. Lean on each other. Be there for each other. None of this is normal, none of it feels right. Life as we know it has stopped and changed. I told her that I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and realize this is just a bad dream.

I love all of the positivity and those of you who know me, know that I am a very positive person myself. Let’s make room for the other emotions also. Let’s make room for sadness and loss and grief and frustration and anger.

Let’s recognize loneliness and isolation and reach out to one another. Let’s love each other through this very strange and frightening and uncomfortable time. I believe with all my heart that love and light and security and normalcy are waiting on the other side.

The team at Erika’s Lighthouse knows how challenging and difficult this transition is on our teens, educators, parents and others. We are here to help and support our young people. We have launched an exciting new campaign that will provide meaningful, practical resources for teens, educators and parents.