Sally Stevens, School Mental Health Administrator and Author, discusses stress, anxiety and the continuum of mental health challenges in youth. The discussion focuses on the importance of education and awareness, early identification and intervention to support student mental health. Sally is the author of Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens: 10-Minute Methods to Reduce Stress and Gain Confidence as well as a seasonal ebook Holiday Stress: What To Do About It.

About Sally
Sally Stevens, LCSW, PPSC, M.Ed. began her career in education in Los Angeles County fourteen years ago as a school social worker in multiple roles.  Currently, she is a School Mental Health Administrator where she oversees multiple initiatives.  Sally uses humor and a pinch of New York City directness to destigmatize mental health.  Her passion is providing equity to all students.  She sits on the board of Friends of School Mental Health, a non-profit that supports students in crises affecting their ability to attend and learn at school.  Sally released a book June of 2020, which was unfortunately perfect timing for our current situation: Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens: 10-Minute Methods to Reduce Stress and Gain Confidence, 2020 Rockridge Press.  Coming November 2020, ebook: Holiday Stress, What to Do About It.  The ebook features practical strategies to cope with holiday stress and mitigate a stressful season.  Additionally, Sally is the founder of Anchor Yourself Wellness in Huntington Beach, which offers mental health services and consultation for children, individuals, and families. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
About Erika’s Lighthouse
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