Last month, more than 375 students, parents, and educators took the Erika’s Lighthouse Positivity Pledge. That is at least 11,625 acts of putting some positivity in the world.

How great is that??

Many thanks to all of you who signed the pledge and those who engaged their family and friends to support their commitment to Get Depression Out of the Dark.

Mental health matters all year…

As part of the Erika’s Lighthouse community, you know that while May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, every month matters and every single day matters when it comes to supporting positive mental health and mental health education for students. Including and especially in summer!

And because each day matters, our community’s focus on student mental health is not limited to May or even to the school year. It is equally important throughout summer break. Students may get some relief from the day-to-day pressures of the school year during summer, but sometimes the less structured time can leave some teens feeling lonely or out of sorts.

What was your best Positivity Pledge moment?

“Each day at PJ23 School, we read the daily reminder about the Positivity Pledge calendar for that given day. At PJ23, we highlight Mindfulness Monday, Wellness Wednesday and Faithfulness Friday, and the Positivity Pledge calendar paired brilliantly with that. Additionally, we have a commitment to healthy bodies, minds and souls and we strive to put an emphasis on mental health awareness. Thank you, Erika’s Lighthouse, for your great resources and for your partnership!” Dr. Molly Cinnamon Principal, Pope John XXIII School, Evanston, IL

Tell us in the comments below. What steps did you find most effective in helping you take control of your mental health? Share what you did to put extra doses of good into the world! Sharing your successes will reinforce their benefit to you and – bonus! – will help encourage others to identify opportunities to focus on self-care, mental-wellness-promoting behaviors, and social connections.

The Positivity Pledge success stories you share will appear here to carry the incredibly important spirit and positive impact throughout the summer.

Keep embracing positivity and connect with the Erika’s Lighthouse family today!

Guest Author: PIKWrite