Erika’s Lighthouse has grown in the past 17 years from providing mental health education to a few suburban Chicago schools to now providing a comprehensive mental health education program to more than 1 million students nationwide. The Erika’s Lighthouse community includes:

  • Teachers and school administrators who have taught the no-cost, evidence-informed suicide prevention programming,
  • Middle-schoolers and high-schoolers who have become aware of their own mental health and who now advocate for ending the stigma, and
  • Parents whose children have needed help and have encouraged their schools to support student mental health with Erika’s Lighthouse mental health programming.

This expansion was made possible with the commitment of volunteers across the country, who are committed to getting depression out of the dark. These passionate individuals, the Erika’s Lighthouse Community Ambassadors, engage with their local schools and share information about Erika’s Lighthouse programs and initiatives. The Community Ambassador’s team efforts are vital to achieving the necessary outreach to schools around the country.

Erika’s Lighthouse Community Ambassadors are critical to continuing this essential growth.

What Does a Community Ambassador Do?
  • Represents Erika’s Lighthouse at school and community events
  • Promotes Erika’s Lighthouse free, evidence-informed programming focused on Classroom Programs, Parent Handbook, and Teen Empowerment Clubs
  • Increases awareness of the suite of programs designed to allow educators to create meaningful discussion about mental health and depression
Community Ambassadors:
  • Expand the reach and impact of Erika’s Lighthouse
  • Grow this vital community by meeting new people, increasing awareness of the available programs, and – the ultimate goal – getting more and more educators to leverage our turn-key curriculum
Who Can Be a Community Ambassador?

The short answer: You. More specifically, any adult who wants to Get Depression Out of the Dark and make sure no teen ever feels alone.

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