What does it mean to be a “Trusted Adult?”

According to our Shared Vocabulary, a trusted adult is a person whom teens feel comfortable or safe to turn to when they have a problem, need help, have embarrassing or difficult questions, and just need/want to talk to someone. Being a trusted adult and having difficult conversations with your students can seem daunting, but is truly an honor as vulnerable teens look at you as someone with whom they feel safe and comfortable.

At Erika’s Lighthouse, we want to create positive, meaningful discussions for both you and your students.

We realize that educators have enormous responsibilities with lesson plans, student safety and so much more so we are here to make promoting good mental health easy. We have created turnkey depression education programs and resources that can fit the needs of your students.

One of the updated resources is our Intervention Language for Educators. This guide has been designed to provide you with the tips and language for both approaching a student with concern and compassion while preparing you to respond if a student approaches you. Both are opportunities to connect the student with the necessary resources to get help and know they are not alone.

How can you get access to this resource and so much more?

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