At Erika’s Lighthouse, we understand that discussing depression can be a challenging topic. As an educator or social worker, you are considered a trusted adult to the students who come to you. And while we realize this isn’t always part of your typical lesson plan, we know teaching good mental health is also a valuable lesson.

Our evidence-informed, depression awareness education programs are spreading around the world. This free programming is designed to provide a turnkey solution that is flexible and designed to be tailored to meet the needs of the school and how it needs to be rolled out. Accessing information on our Resource Portal is very easy.

A centerpiece of our comprehensive programming is our Shared Vocabulary. This document identifies many of the most commonly used terms (several of which are bolded in this blog) when discussing mental health. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to be available to your faculty, students and parents to be using the same terminology. Having readily available information and knowledge of our shared mental health vocabulary will provide you with the confidence to have these discussions.

Changing school cultures can be difficult, but a strong foundation can be established with a common, shared vocabulary designed to advance knowledge, reduce stigma and promote help-seeking behavior.

For more information, please sign up today for a free Resource Portal account.

Here you will gain access to over 100 positive mental health tools. We are constantly updating and adding information. We invite you to share with us what you need and assure you we are here to make your job easier. Together we can Get Depression Out of the Dark.