2020 continues to spark some serious divisiveness. From politics to the pandemic, many are ecstatic to celebrate a new year and hope for brighter times ahead. There is no longer a sense that normal is boring. But, despite the challenges from this year – there are also moments we can cherish.

For me it is the opportunity to reflect on our lives; to understand what and who are important, and what we really value. It has allowed many of us to re-calibrate – hopefully with changes that can remain as a new normal. 

This same philosophy has driven Erika’s Lighthouse during 2020 – reflect, understand and add long-term value. Over the past twelve months we have enhanced programming, developed new resources and laid a foundation for growth. Accomplishing all this despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Our goal remains the same: create inclusive school cultures that embrace discussions around mental health and well-being. With the implementation of our classroom programs, parent engagement resources, Teen Empowerment Clubs, Awareness into Action Activities, professional development and other offerings, Erika’s Lighthouse is supporting hundreds of school communities and their students.

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of teen mental health and the need for our school communities to focus on the whole child. We are joining them on that journey today and as we look ahead.

We are truly thankful for all of our supporters, volunteers and partners throughout 2020 and welcome them to a bright future. Happy Holidays from all of us to you.

From the Desk of Brandon Combs, Executive Director