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“It’s So Nice to See You!”

Therapy in a time of physical distance. As I wind down from another week of doing e-therapy, I am reminded of how happy and grateful I am to be doing this work.  Though the coronavirus pandemic has taken some of what was familiar for myself and the people I treat – a private, quiet office […]

Into The Unknown

With Covid-19 uprooting our lives, there is an ongoing question that crosses every mind: so now what? What will happen to schools? What will happen to supplies? What will happen to relationships? What will we do with the next undisclosed amount of time? To each of those questions, there is an almost unanimous answer of […]

Holding On To Hope

Ok, so I am not going to lie, when I was first told I was going to be forced to stay home I thought, how bad can this be? I have everything I need right here-food, tv, computer, my family. I have this. It will be nice to slow down and have some time with […]

A Teacher’s Honesty

As a teacher, do l always have to put on a brave face for my students? Can I let them know that I, too, am sad and worried? I am sad that I won’t be able to go on the end-of-the-year field trips and see them celebrate their “lasts” as 8th graders; and enjoy the […]

Homeschooling Humor – Week 2

Owen University is now a college prep school! I think instead of watching Cheers to escape, I probably should be watching The Facts of Life for some pointers. I don’t know what the best age is for kids to be quarantined. I miss the days of structure and free time fun. I miss the jumping […]