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State Expansion Through Community Ambassadors

“I am extremely satisfied with Erika’s Lighthouse Program. As a new school social worker, I find their provision of numerous free resources to be invaluable, enhancing accessibility significantly. The program offers step-by-step instructions and training for successful implementation. Evidently, their genuine support for mental health and suicide awareness/prevention shines through their mission and the program […]

Staff Training Pillar

What programs or resources are included in Erika’s Lighthouse School Policy pillar? Erika’s Lighthouse offers school communities robust resources around school policy and staff development. Mental health and depression education are critical topics to be discussed in schools, but it can also be a topic that educators feel ill equipt to participate in. So, we […]

Classroom Education’s Impact

We offer a suite of three educational programs designed to allow educators to empower their students with an introduction to mental health, depression literacy, help-seeking, and good mental health. These are no-cost, tier-one, early identification, and early intervention programs that are geared toward students in grades 4-12 and use diverse teen voices to spread awareness […]