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Positivity Pledge Prevails

Last month, more than 375 students, parents, and educators took the Erika’s Lighthouse Positivity Pledge. That is at least 11,625 acts of putting some positivity in the world. How great is that?? Many thanks to all of you who signed the pledge and those who engaged their family and friends to support their commitment to […]

Take the Positivity Pledge

Over the course of the past few months we, the Board, Staff and volunteers at Erika’s Lighthouse, have joined in the collective shock, anxiety, stress, sense of loss and the range of other emotions we have all experienced through these uncertain times. We have cancelled our Spring Gala, rescheduled meetings, are working remotely and learning […]

Teen Depression Program Aims To Reach Students

In an effort to help middle and high school students deal with issues related to teen depression, the Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation has been training school staff to help them recognize the signs in an effort to prevent suicide. In a partnership with Suffolk Public Schools, eighth- and 10th-grade students will hear from their health […]

Running for a cause: Team Erika’s Lighthouse

15 years ago, my family lost a close friend. Erika Neuckranz lost her life to adolescent depression at just 14 years old. Erika was like a 3rd sister to me, similar in age to my two older sisters. She was our next door neighbor in Chicago, and one of the brightest spirits I can remember.  […]