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The Positivity Pledge: A School-Wide Campaign to Improve Mental Health

Erika’s Lighthouse is a non-profit organization that provides mental health education and resources to schools and communities. The Positivity Pledge campaign is a call to action to improve and empower teens to take charge of their mental health. The Positivity Pledge campaign is based on the belief that everyone has the power to make a […]

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser for Erika’s Lighthouse

Erika’s Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization that helps schools provide their students with the skills needed to talk to each other, to their parents, teachers and counselors. Our resources raise awareness, reduce stigma, educate students, promote good mental health and encourage help-seeking. Fundraising is made easy with the use of Facebook. Your network is your […]

Enlighten Learning Management System

Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten Learning Management System is preparing school communities around mental health. We offer a variety of course selections and hope that this empowers your educators to feel like experts on Erika’s Lighthouse programs and resources. Here’s what you can find on Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten Learning. Course Offerings: Become an expert on Erika’s Lighthouse […]


Erika’s Lighthouse was founded following the loss of a 14-year-old girl who lost her life to her depression. When Erika died, her family and friends felt that the community did not have the knowledge or vocabulary to talk about depression and suicide. They came together and created the program that they felt would have benefited […]

Self-Referral Cards

One of the important aspects of a tier 1 program according to Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) is that it connects students to support and offers a referral process. At Erika’s Lighthouse, we know that it is important to make help available to students who may need it after participating in our classroom education programs, […]