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State Expansion Through Community Ambassadors

“I am extremely satisfied with Erika’s Lighthouse Program. As a new school social worker, I find their provision of numerous free resources to be invaluable, enhancing accessibility significantly. The program offers step-by-step instructions and training for successful implementation. Evidently, their genuine support for mental health and suicide awareness/prevention shines through their mission and the program […]

2024 Marathons – Run for Depression Awareness

Erika’s Lighthouse Team Resilience has been running to support Erika’s Lighthouse mission for 10 years. We’ve grown from just one local runner to having 122 Marathon participants in 2024!  Team Resilience is a group of amazing individuals who are dedicated to helping further the mission of Erika’s Lighthouse. Our team is comprised of so many […]

Empowerment Club Sponsorship

One in five teens experiences a mental health disorder each year. That’s a lot of young people who are struggling in silence. Erika’s Lighthouse is a non-profit organization that is working to change that. We provide resources and support to teens and their families, and we work to create inclusive school cultures around mental health. […]