Tag: School Mental Health: Beacons of Hope

Ep 5: Empowered Teens Changing the World

The team from The Dealing Deck, Adelle and Emma, discuss how their teen-founded business are tackling adolescent mental health challenges in schools. Ilana Sherman, MPH, Director of Education with Erika’s Lighthouse, then shares how Teen Empowerment Clubs around the world are changing school cultures by building inclusive communities around mental health. About The Dealing Deck […]

Ep 4: WSCC Model & School Mental Health

Jeanie Alter, PhD, Executive Director at the American School Health Association, discusses the intersection between the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) health model and school mental health. We cover how the model is designed to promote collaboration between various school personnel in order to improve school health – including school mental health. About […]

Ep 2: Health Education and School Mental Health

Jess Lawrence, Director at Cairn Guidance, discusses the intersection between health education and school mental health. We cover how skills-based education can support student growth and success beyond a lesson, how the WSCC model can be implemented throughout the school and the future of health education. About Jess Jess Lawrence is an enthusiastic, energetic, extroverted […]

Ep 1: Depression Education is Suicide Prevention

Peggy Kubert, LCSW, Senior Director of Education, Erika’s Lighthouse speaks about the changes in School Mental Health over the past 15 years, how Erika’s Lighthouse curriculum provides an upstream alternative or complement to suicide prevention programs, and how Erika’s Lighthouse can help change a school’s culture.