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Missing the Rituals of Departure

Today from a Teenager’s Point of View It seems like it was just yesterday I walked into high school, a freshman in awe of all that was ahead of me. I looked at the seniors and thought they seemed so old, so cool, so comfortable with who they were. I couldn’t wait to be a […]

This One’s For You-The Tired Parent

You’ve heard it all before. During the monotonous long line of safety procedures before taking off to your final destination, the stewardess stands up in front of the aircraft and announces to the passengers, “Please place the oxygen mask over yourself before assisting a child.” We get it. How could you possibly be able to […]

The First Ever “Beacon Award”

It’s been an incredible 15 years and we want to share with you Peggy Kubert’s, Director of Education, acceptance speech for “The Beacon Award,” which she gave at this year’s gala! I am honored and proud to have played a part in the shaping of Erika’s Lighthouse for the last 13 years.  Even before I […]