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Finding Myself by Coming Out

Growing up, it didn’t take me long to notice that I was different then other boys… When my brother, who’s a year older than me, would grab for a G.I Joe or one of his Rescue Heroes, I had my eyes on the Barbies, the Beanie Babies, or any sort of Little Mermaid merchandise I […]

Spreading Hope, Saving Lives

It seems as if lately we cannot escape the media captivation with the topic of youth suicide, and more specifically, why it happens. The recent pandemic has stressed that depression and anxiety will be elevated and mental health will be affected by the sudden changes everyone experienced. Although it is impossible to explain every situation, […]

Racism, Mental Health & Challenging Conversations

The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless others that came before have once again displayed the individual, systemic and institutional racism that exists in our society. We all have a role in addressing and correcting our history’s legacy for racism and inequality. At Erika’s Lighthouse that means reaffirming our commitment […]

The Importance of Using the Right Words

How many times have you heard a friend at school or on social media talk about the “mental breakdown” they had last night over a project, or the “panic attack” when they realized they didn’t submit an assignment, or how they were “really depressed” or “having really bad anxiety”? Chances are we all know someone […]