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My Road to 26.2

Prior to running the marathon I ran a yearly 5k on Thanksgiving just to eat more and see if I could still do it. I watched Erika’s Lighthouse runners two years ago at the Chicago Marathon and loved the energy of the day. Of course Erika’s Lighthouse is near and dear to my heart and […]

Re-framing the Depression Narrative

Not very long ago, cancer—the big “C”—was a word people only whispered. Though it was common and it was serious, it was also very stigmatized, much like mental illness is today. Once treatments became more effective and people who had cancer started living in remission, our collective narrative changed. Instead of victims, those afflicted with […]

Our Exclusive Interview with TED Talk Presenter, Kevin Breel!

Kevin Breel, mental health activist and TED Talk presenter, speaks candidly with Erika’s Lighthouse about going public with his depression, mental health stigma and his advice to teens and their parents. A few weeks ago, we posted a response to 19-year-old, Kevin Breel’s, inspiring and moving TED Talk. In his presentation, Kevin used his own […]