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Empowerment Clubs

What programs or resources are included in Erika’s Lighthouse Empowerment Clubs? We offer opportunities for students to take on leadership roles in their schools through Official Empowerment Clubs, Affiliate Clubs and turn-key campaigns called Awareness into Action Activities. Empowerment Clubs are good mental health clubs that normalize conversations by reducing stigma and encouraging help-seeking, all […]

The Impact – End of Year Giving

In February 2023, the CDC reported that an alarming 22% of young people said they had seriously considered suicide and stated, “The data make[s] it clear that young people in the US are collectively experiencing a level of distress that calls on all of us to act.” As we approach the end of the year, […]

2024 Marathons – Run for Depression Awareness

Erika’s Lighthouse Team Resilience has been running to support Erika’s Lighthouse mission for 10 years. We’ve grown from just one local runner to having 122 Marathon participants in 2024!  Team Resilience is a group of amazing individuals who are dedicated to helping further the mission of Erika’s Lighthouse. Our team is comprised of so many […]

Navigating New Terrain and Mapping A Future

“The Erika’s Lighthouse community was very welcoming and very open. That was a big experience for me, the first moment for me to express something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. Now I had that community and those people that understood – to help me share what I’ve wanted to share.” – […]