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No Time Like The Present

I have long struggled with learning to meditate. I struggle with the tasks of dismissing distractions, emptying my mind, focusing on my breath and remaining in the present. That being said, I regularly recommend mindfulness and meditation practices to friends and clients alike citing the volumes of evidence which prove its efficacy. It is one […]

It Is Ok Just To Be Ok

As a semi-retired teacher I wanted to share hope and reassurance because we are all in this situation together. We are all disappointed at what will not be; graduations, field trips, and proms, musical performances and all of the other special events that align with school. I came across a principal from Arizona and her […]

Into The Unknown

With Covid-19 uprooting our lives, there is an ongoing question that crosses every mind: so now what? What will happen to schools? What will happen to supplies? What will happen to relationships? What will we do with the next undisclosed amount of time? To each of those questions, there is an almost unanimous answer of […]

Holding On To Hope

Ok, so I am not going to lie, when I was first told I was going to be forced to stay home I thought, how bad can this be? I have everything I need right here-food, tv, computer, my family. I have this. It will be nice to slow down and have some time with […]