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Food Is Thy Medicine

So you are feeling depressed. Getting out of bed is hard enough and maybe coffee is all you can handle in the morning. By the time lunch rolls around you are tired and preparing a sandwich and chips is all you can do. I get it. When depression sets in, many of us typically have […]

“It’s So Nice to See You!”

Therapy in a time of physical distance. As I wind down from another week of doing e-therapy, I am reminded of how happy and grateful I am to be doing this work.  Though the coronavirus pandemic has taken some of what was familiar for myself and the people I treat – a private, quiet office […]

5 Perspectives On Teen Depression: A Mother’s Story

Depression can be an isolating illness. Despite progress in knowledge, stigma reduction, and treatment options, it is not uncommon for someone struggling with depression—or that person’s family and friends—to feel alone. The goal of this blog series is to break through that isolation and connect the various people who play a role in any person’s […]

Antidepressants and Your DNA

When diagnosed with depression, talk therapy is the first recommended form of treatment. If symptoms are severe and present even after a few months of therapy, medication is then added to the treatment plan. Taking an antidepressant is a lot like filling your car with motor oil – you hope that some of the oil […]