Working With Educators To Get The Most Out Of Our Adolescent Depression Awareness Programs

We don’t believe anyone should be alone when dealing with adolescent depression. You won’t be on your own when teaching awareness.

We don’t think you need to be a mental health professional to encourage awareness about mental health. Our training helps make our adaptable programs easily usable by anyone at any school. Our goal is to get you the tools you need to bring adolescent depression out of the darkness. We’ll help you shine that light.

I talked to Peggy my first year and she gave me ideas for how to use ELH programs and how other schools make the most out of them. Then it was taking those ideas and figuring out how they fit into my school.

Kevin O'Neill

Teacher, Libertyville High School

Training You to Make the Program Your Own

Zoom Trainings

Connect with our staff from wherever you are. Ask questions and get ideas on how to adapt your program. We’re always a few clicks away.

In-School Training

We are thrilled to come to schools in the Chicago region, getting a firsthand look at your setup, your challenges, and how we can help.

Conference Training

We frequently run in-person or video training at educational conferences around the country, so that we can connect with you.

Training To Make Our Programs Your Own

Your students are unique. Your classroom is unique. Your needs are unique. That’s why we’re happy to offer training so that you can make our comprehensive and compassionate curriculum your own. We help you:

  • Personalize the program for your building
  • Personalize the program for your students
  • Adapt the program to your time constraints
  • Adapt the program year by year
  • Find the discussion questions that work best for you
  • Fit our program into non-traditional classroom structures

Learn more about how our videos, lessons, and discussion questions are the right match for your school.

The videos are well done. The kids find them authentic and, because of the diversity, can see a face they recognize. The materials are affordable, well thought out and easy to use. They’re flexible and have no rigidity about how they’re to be used. Erika’s Lighthouse supplies resources offering an easy way to talk to kids about how to stay mentally healthy. No one is putting out these kinds of materials right now, and trying to create them on my own would be impossible.

Harry Brown, MA, LMFT

Teacher, Islander Middle School, Mercer Island Youth & Family Services Counselor

Taking the stigma out of adolescent depression is our passion and our expertise.

You’re the experts on your students. We’ll meet you where you’re at, and empower adolescents to shine a light on depression, together.

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