Interested in Sponsoring a Teen Empowerment Club

Thank you for your interest in supporting a local Teen Empowerment Club! We have a number of ways for you to make a difference in the community you live and serve.

As a sponsor, you may:

  • Join initial onboarding calls.
  • Be connected w/ Club Advisor
  • Name on the Erika’s Lighthouse website
  • Logo on Sponsored Club T-Shirts, if ordered
  • Other possibilities based on connection and appropriateness
  • Have a Sponsored AAA that clubs are encouraged to do (min 5 club sponsorship).
  • Erika’s Lighthouse does not guarantee that a local club will be interested in additional partnership opportunities. Teen Clubs are designed to be teen-led, and those decisions rest locally.

Please complete the form below. We will be in touch soon!

Please know that nothing on this page is meant to replace the advice of legal or accounting professionals. Sample language and options are provided for consideration only. 

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