About Erika’s Lighthouse
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About Erika’s Lighthouse

A video from the early days of Erika’s Lighthouse.

About Erika’s Lighthouse

Hear from Peggy Kubert, LCSW, Director of Education at Erika’s Lighthouse as she describes our mission.

Downers Grove North Teen Empowerment Club & the Chicago Wolves

Downers Grove North Teen Empowerment Club hosted our first Sponsored Awareness into Action Activity with the Chicago Wolves! This exciting activity allowed the club to hand out Wolves hats, informational cards promoting community and a discussion with a Wolves player.

Shine Bright at Downers Grove South High School

Downers Grove South has selected Erika’s Lighthouse as the beneficiary of their “Shine Bright” campaign. Watch the students describe why our mission is so important and activities taking place in support of the campaign.

Insight from a Teen Club

See what Erika’s Lighthouse means to the Teen Club at New Trier High School. 

The Erika’s Lighthouse Curriculum 

Hear from Shaina Landau, a school counselor at West Leyden High School, as she shares her perspective on our curriculum.