Marathon in a Month: Run to support the 20% of teens who face depression

How It Works

Sign-up for free and complete your marathon during March in support of teen mental health. To thank you, we have fundraising rewards for everyone who gets at least one donation on their Facebook fundraising page, and something bigger if you reach your $250 fundraising goal!

This is a DIY challenge, you can walk, run, or jog whenever and wherever you want! Our goal is to hit 26.2 miles during the month of March, whether you can do it in a day, a week, or work towards it the whole month.

The Facebook group is there to support each other as we work towards our mileage and fundraising goals. Post in the group to support and inspire each other.


Registration is completely free! After you register, join the Facebook group for support and encouragement from fellow Marathon in a Month fundraisers!

Go the distance

Choose to complete your miles over the month of March, or all in one day, whenever and wherever you want. To track your miles, print out our daily tracker or use any tracker you’d like.

Raise vital funds

Share your fundraising page to spread the word! Get your family and friends to sponsor your challenge and raise vital funds as you run for depression awareness.

Fundraising Rewards

As a thank you, we’re sending a “Get Depression Out of the Dark” water bottle sticker to everyone who gets at least one donation on their Facebook fundraising page. 

If you reach your $250 fundraising goal, we’ll send a custom water bottle to go with your sticker! $250 will sponsor an Erika’s Lighthouse teen empowerment club for one school.

When students talk, other students listen. We believe that teens, when given the right tools, can change the world. Our clubs offer teens the structure and support to take a leadership role in their school around mental health. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Registration FREE?

Yes, the registration is completely free. We strongly encourage you to start your
fundraiser with a $5 donation so you get a free Erika’s Lighthouse water bottle

Where do I register?

You can join the Facebook Group HERE, and register here for the fundraiser and
to earn fundraising rewards.

Is there a deadline to register?

The registration will remain open until March 3, 2023. We have a limited supply
of fundraising rewards so register & start fundraising early to guarantee you’ll
receive some.

Can I donate to my own page?

Yes, of course! Lead by example – then invite friends and family to donate as

What if I have questions?

If you can’t find what you need here, you can ask in the group or email [email protected].

Where do I set up my fundraising page?

Just follow this link, click the “Continue with Facebook” button, and you will be
directed to your fundraiser. There you can edit the name, and donation target,
and invite your friends to follow you.

Can I edit the information to make it in memory of a loved one?

Yes, you can. There is an edit (or manage) button on your fundraiser page where
you can make your tribute for your loved one and edit all information.

Is my fundraiser page public?

Yes, once you set up a fundraising page, all of your friends and family can donate
and share!

Tell me more about Erika's Lighthouse


Erika’s Lighthouse is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness about adolescent depression, encouraging good mental health, and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues.


To make sure no young person feels alone in their depression by becoming the leading provider of teen depression awareness programs and resources in school communities.


In order to create inclusive school cultures, we offer school communities:

  • Classroom Education curricula for grades 4-12
  • Teen Empowerment through school clubs and turn-key activities
  • Family Engagement through workshops and our parent handbook
  • School Policy & Staff Development opportunities to improve school culture and attitudes around mental health


We Believe In:

The Power of Programs with Impact
We are committed to de-stigmatizing depression and providing hope for young people who have it. Our innovative, evidence-informed classroom programs do more than raise awareness; they provide a structured model for youth to thrive and survive. Making a meaningful difference in the lives of teens with depression defines all we do and who we are.

The Power of Positivity
We believe in the power of positivity – it permeates our culture through our mission statement and how we engage with students, teachers, and administrators. Positivity, knowledge, and compassion create empowerment, and empowerment drives change and hope.

The Power of Programs that Spread
We are determined to make every community a beacon of hope, which is why all of our activities – from programs to engagements – are designed to be easily replicated and customizable for schools across the country, and the world.

The Power of Trust and Integrity
We deeply believe in what we do, and we believe in others. In all we do, we operate with integrity, trust, respect, and authenticity. We are resourceful, we are good stewards of the gifts we are given, and we always hold ourselves accountable. What we do truly matters.

The Power to Change the World
We know that empowered teens can change cultures, even deeply rooted ones. Through education, modeling, and positivity, our programs provide proven foundations for teens to create a thriving culture of compassion, support, and hope.


  • Depression education is suicide prevention to identify more teens and intervene earlier.
  • Inclusive school cultures are essential to promote meaningful dialogue and help-seeking behavior.
  • Mental health is just as important as physical health.
  • Everyone deserves good mental health.