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E-Learning Resources: See below how our resources can be used to support teens in an e-learning environment by promoting positive mental health behaviors.

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Classroom Programs

The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression and Suicide Awareness for High School Students

This program covers all of the basic and important information about teen depression, but also takes a deeper look into the content. This program is ideal for high school classrooms.

Download the High School Program

Lesson One

*The video is available with Spanish subtitles and English closed captioning! To select one of these options, click on the “CC” button in the lower right corner of the video screen.

Classroom Programs

The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression Awareness for Middle School Students

This program provides an introduction to the topic of depression awareness and is ideal for middle school students and/or early high school students.

Teen Empowerment

Erika’s Lighthouse Depression Awareness Campaign

Check out the downloadable documents and activities Erika’s Lighthouse has created to get your Depression Awareness Campaign started. To learn about starting a Teen Club, scroll down for more information.

Teen Empowerment

Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Clubs

The Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Clubs are high school and middle school mental health and depression awareness clubs that students can start in their school building to increase awareness around teen depression and good mental health. Learn more on how to start a Teen Club.

Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Clubs are modeled after the pilot club started at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois in 2005. The goal of an Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Club is to educate students about depression, help break the stigma associated with depression and develop a culture of good mental health in schools so that teens who suffer from depression can get the help they need.

Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Clubs typically meet weekly or monthly and sponsor depression awareness activities that promote good mental health in their school throughout the year. Contact Ilana Sherman, our Director of Education, to learn more.

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