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Curriculum is key to building a foundation of learning.

Education is vital for students to understand, empathize, and act when they or their friend is experiencing mental distress. Our programs educate about mental health, depression and suicide.

Free, Evidence-Informed Curricula for Grades 4-12

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We All Have Mental Health

Ideal for grades 4-6
An introduction to mental health with a strong focus on help-seeking and good mental health.

Level 2 gear for grades 5-9
Depression Awareness

Ideal for grades 5-9
An introduction to depression with a strong focus on help-seeking and good mental health.

Level 3 gear for grades 8-12
Depression Education & Suicide Awareness

Ideal for grades 8-12
A deeper discussion about depression and suicide along with a focus on help-seeking and good mental health.

Key Components that Positively Impact Schools & Students

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Meeting National Health Education Standards #1, 3 & 7

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Developed with best practices and study-proven results

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All programs are available in English and Spanish

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Turn-key & Adaptable

Ready to go, easy to implement and completely customizable

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All Erika’s Lighthouse programs and resources are free – always

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Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Erika’s Lighthouse Classroom Education is listed as a Best Practice Program on the SPRC’s Program Registry

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Implementation Information

  • Programs are best taught by on-site staff to identify trusted adults
  • Co-teach with Health Educators and School Counselors
  • School Counselors or other mental health staff
  • Health Educators
  • One, three or four day lessons available
  • Each lesson is 30-50 minutes
  • All programs are video-based
  • Anytime of the year
  • Earlier is better to set a foundation for the school year
  • Should be implemented in classroom environment
  • As a health education mental health module
  • During SEL lessons
  • Advisory classrooms for schoolwide implementation
Sample Resources

Full lessons & hundreds more on the Resource Portal.

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Our School Mental Health Programs Resonate


“Our suicide attempt rate as measured by the YRBS, went down from 14.3% to between 5.4-7.2% since using your videos and the messages from your curriculum!”

Mental Health Coordinator, Wisconsin


“I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this information with them and their teachers and I feel very good about the impact it has had on them. I want to continue conversations with them.”

Elementary Educator, Kentucky


“Erika’s Lighthouse was embraced sincerely by all youth, faculty and administrators this past year. I am personally very attached to this phenomenal program.”

Prevention Coordinator, Florida

Taking the stigma out of adolescent depression is our passion and our expertise.

You’re the experts on your students. We’ll meet you where you are, and help empower teens to take charge of their mental health. Access our free programs today.