We believe that when teens know about depression, they are more likely to get the help they need, and deserve.

up to 20%

of teens will suffer from at least one depressive episode before they reach adulthood.

We know that you’re here because depression isn’t just a statistic to you. It’s affected your life, either personally, or maybe you have a friend or family member with depression. Or perhaps you’re here because you want to be an advocate for good mental health and raise awareness around teen depression. Awesome! You’ve come to the right place.

At Erika’s Lighthouse, we know that teen depression is a common illness that will impact nearly 20% of teens before they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately, we also know that the stigma associated with mental illness or a lack of knowledge/basic mental health education often prevents teens from getting the help they deserve. 80% of teens with depression are going unrecognized and untreated due to a lack of appropriate mental health education and deep rooted cultural stigma.

Teens deserve to learn about what teen depression is and how to manage it.

If you are struggling with depression, know that you are not alone. There is hope and help. You deserve to feel better.

We believe that everyone deserves good mental health and the right to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. Through our education programs in middle schools and high schools, we promote awareness and early identification of depression and strive to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We want to change the dialogue around teen depression so that communities are better educated and teens can get the help they need and deserve.

And we need your help! We know that this message is most powerful when it’s coming from you, a teen.

Below you will find the educational programs we offer to schools and teens, free materials you can use for mental health campaigns in your school or community and more information about depression and how to find help in our Teen Depression Toolbox

We hope you’ll consider joining us as we work to “Get Depression Out of the Dark!”

With your help, we educate school communities about teen depression, eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness and empower teens to take charge of their mental health.