Family Engagement

Many families don’t know the signs of teen depression or where to turn for help. Erika’s Lighthouse regularly hears from educators and teens of the need to educate and engage families. Erika’s Lighthouse has designed information, resources, workshops and more to equip school communities to better interact with families around depression and mental health.

Parent Handbook

This free guide can be easily distributed to families experiencing childhood or adolescent depression in their homes.

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Family Workshops

In collaboration with Shine Light on Depression, school communities can host Family Workshops to engage and educate families.

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Handouts & Resources

Erika’s Lighthouse offers a host of other resources for schools to support families with letters, resources, handouts and more.

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The Parent Handbook on Childhood and Teen Depression

Our handbook is designed to help – with practical ideas written in an easy to read style. This is a parent-to-parent guide and contains ideas that we have found helpful – ideas that we hope will be of some help to families in a difficult time.


Use these great bookmarks for schools and clinics to easily share and distribute this free resource.
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Instantly access the Parent Handbook on your PC or tablet at no cost to you/sin costo para usted.
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Purchase a physical copy of the Parent Handbook for your school, library or community center.
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Family Workshops

These workshops can be hosted in collaboration with school staff, parents, educators and others to create informative and engaging sessions to discuss childhood and adolescent mental health.


These ready-made, easy to use workshops allow for anyone to coordinate and offer meaningful family engagement activities.

In Partnership

Developed in partnership with leading national organizations, the National PTA, American School Health Association (ASHA), Anthem Inc. and JetBlue Airways.

Age-Appropriate Conversations

These workshops are flexible and allow for school communities to educate families of students grades 4-12.

Additional Resources

Erika’s Lighthouse provides school communities with complementary, integrated resources to educate and engage families around student mental health.

Discussion Guides

Handouts, resources and videos to help start engaging dialogue between teens and families.


Letters, information sheets, shared vocabulary and more to update and inform families.

Awareness into Action

Encourage the implementation of turn-key campaigns in schools and homes to promote good mental health.

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