Every student deserves good mental health.

We’re a nonprofit on a mission to provide free mental health programs for any school, anywhere.
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Our Program Pillars

We work upstream, putting easy-to-use school mental health programs in place to end the youth mental health crisis at the start.

Classroom Education

Educational lessons about mental health, depression and suicide.

Educate Students

Empowerment Clubs

Good mental health clubs to empower young people to change the world.

Empower Youth 

Family Engagement

Programs and resources for families to be partners in mental health.

Engage Families

Policy & Staff Training

Staff training, well-being activities and more for a positive climate.

Train Staff 

Together, these pillars can promote an inclusive school culture around mental health.

Turning Loss into Action

Erika’s Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression was founded in 2004 by Virginia and Thomas Neuckranz after their daughter Erika lost her life to depression. Along with their family, friends and community they have a goal of creating free mental health programs for schools to Get Depression Out of the Dark.

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Our School Mental Health Programs Resonate


“We have been implementing lessons and have been able to support and reach students that would typically fly under the radar. We are grateful for the partnership!”

Health Educator, Illinois


“The resources are exceptional. The multitude of resources are friendly and non-intimidating so people are motivated to learn more and not feel so overwhelmed.”

Parent, New Jersey


“I have gotten the courage to talk to a counselor about a family member in the high school building who was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.”


Our Impact is Expansive

Erika’s Lighthouse is positively impacting schools around the world. We work with any school, anywhere interested in promoting good mental health, reducing stigma, normalizing conversations and encouraging help-seeking.

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Our Partners

Our partners are working alongside us to improve youth mental health in complementary ways.

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