We’re always looking for people to help spread our message of hope and raise awareness about adolescent depression. Together, we can Get Depression Out of the Dark.

Lighthouse Council

Join a group of members who are actively involved in advocating for Erika’s Lighthouse in our communities by networking and raising funds. The Lighthouse Council is perfect for individuals:

  • looking for at least a 2-year commitment and
  • able to meet 2-4 times a year.
  • can connect up to 7 people a year with Erika’s Lighthouse.


Community Ambassador

Join the global movement to educate teens around the world by bringing Erika’s Lighthouse to your community. Become an Ambassador to help encourage your area schools to educate teens about depression and suicide prevention. You will:

  • Reach out to your local school districts,
  • Be trained speak to educators about our programs, and
  • Help spread awareness of our mission in your community.
  • We have opportunities for the general public and clinicians.
Ad-hoc Volunteer

Looking for other ways to volunteer? We’re always looking for people to help us raise funds, help organize events, and build awareness.

Please know that ad-hoc volunteer opportunities are extremely limited.

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Over 90% of our support is from individual donors. Please help us Get Depression Out of the Dark.

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Fundraise and/or
Host An Event

Events not only contribute enormously, but they spread awareness, hope, and joy. They build a community.

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 We always need smiling, eager, wonderful people to step up, and help us raise awareness and funds.

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