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“The Erika’s Lighthouse community was very welcoming and very open. That was a big experience for me, the first moment for me to express something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. Now I had that community and those people that understood – to help me share what I’ve wanted to share.”  – Allison, Teen Empowerment Club Member at Downers Grove North High School, Illinois

Throughout the pandemic we have seen teens struggling like never before – finding themselves lost in a world turned upside down by a health crisis, but facing a mental health emergency. We heeded the call, and by mobilizing our supporters, were able to:

  • offer immediate resources for educators, teens and parents through our We’re In This Together campaign.
  • develop over 100 new resources for educators to navigate our new reality for the upcoming year.
  • create a new remote learning program specific to the needs of youth at home.
  • extend programming to 4th and 5th grades with our hopeful messaging and help-seeking focus.
  • expand our reach by over 90% to 530 schools supporting over 218,000 students this past school year.

With your support, we can continue to reach new teens and provide hope. Please consider supporting our important work with a donation today.

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