Be An Advocate For Your Teen

Educate Yourself

Recognizing the signs of adolescent depression in your teen starts with being open to conversation, not being ashamed, and knowing the right words to use to speak with your teen.

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Encourage Inclusion

Help ensure your child’s school builds an inclusive culture through classroom programming and teen programs that reduce stigma to promote a supportive environment.

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Be an Ally

Join the fight to change the world and support Erika’s Lighthouse and depression education with community awareness activities and events.

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What Resources Does Erika’s Lighthouse Offer Families?

Depression in teens is common. Every parent can help spread a message of hope and protect those who need it most.

Erika’s Lighthouse creates classroom education programs and resources for schools to implement directly with students and staff. We do also offer a number of resources to promote family education and engagement that are available online. However, we do not provide direct services and encourage you to work with your local school community for support and additional information.

If you are a parent or family member, use the form below to access our Resources for Families immediately:

Parent Handbook on Childhood and Teen Depression

Introducing the Second Edition of our parent-to-parent guide about teen depression offering basic information about depression and practical advice to help families navigate treatment, school support, medication and much more.

Educate Yourself and Talk to Your Teen

The heart of Erika’s Lighthouse and the foundation for change is education. Through Classroom Programs, Teen Empowerment Clubs and our Parent Handbook we are driven to offer valid and reliable resources that educate and empower. You can take the first step by educating yourself and learning how to talk with and support your teen. 

  • The Parent Handbook on Childhood and Teen Depression is written by parents, for parents to learn about depression, treatment, coping and support. This free, easy-to-read book in both English and Spanish is a starting point for you to learn to help.
  • Our Depression Discussion Guide was designed specifically to help you engage your teen in a meaningful discussion about depression and mental health.
  • Erika’s Lighthouse has recommended language to help you start a discussion with your teen. If you think more intervention or support are required, we encourage you to reach out to your teen’s pediatrician or school counseling staff.
  • Our Teen Toolbox, while designed specifically for teens, is a great resource for you to learn more about what your teen is learning in our program and how you can talk to them.

After my son died, Erika’s Lighthouse was a beacon of hope to me. The resources are exceptional, especially the Parent Handbook, videos and blog. The information I received from Erika’s Lighthouse allowed me to forgive myself for what I didn’t know and what I didn’t understand. I no longer felt alone, but realized there was a whole community in Erika’s Lighthouse that understood what our family went through and who could provide help and hope to so many others. The multitude of resources are friendly and non-intimidating so people are motivated to learn more and not feel so overwhelmed.

Wendy Sefcik

Parent, New Jersey

Create Inclusion to Support Your Teen

Become a Community Ambassador and help bring Erika’s Lighthouse programming to your teen’s school. With training and resources you can speak to local educators and policy makers about the importance of depression education through Classroom Programs and Teen Empowerment Clubs.
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Erika’s Lighthouse can help you and your teen’s school community to be more inclusive and empathetic around mental health. Our programs are designed to help teens find their voice, seek help and support one another.

Download a few of our tools and resources to share today:


Be an Ally

You can become an ally to your teen and others struggling through community education, awareness and fundraising events. Bringing your community together in support of positive teen mental health, reducing stigma and raising awareness are amazing opportunities to mark special occasions or memorialize someone or something.

Erase The Stigma of Adolescent Depression

Help promote our classroom programs or take a look at what your kids are learning in school.

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