Empowerment Clubs

With the right tools, young people can change the world.

Empowering our youth provides an opportunity for students to lead and educate their peers to normalize conversations around mental health.

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Free Student-led Good Mental Health Clubs

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Elementary School

Good mental health promotion to start positive coping strategies early

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Middle School

Starting conversations around mental illness and how to seek help

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High School

Teen voices around stress, anxiety, depression and suicide are vital

Key Components that Positively Impact Schools & Students

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Training Modules

A series of trainings to empower youth leaders

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Turn-Key Campaigns

Awareness into Action Activities are the tools youth need

Grants for Action

Official Empowerment Clubs can access up to $500 in funds

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Global Network

Access to the ChangeMaker Network connecting students

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All Erika’s Lighthouse programs and resources are free – always

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Affiliate Clubs

Erika’s Lighthouse partners with Key Club, SADD Nation and other good mental health clubs around the country. These organizations are welcome to leverage our programs and resources.

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Implementation Information

  • Any on-site school professional can be a club advisor
  • Club advisors are often counselors, special education teachers or mental health professionals
  • Student leaders passionate about mental health are everywhere
  • All students should be able to access an Empowerment Club
  • Good mental health club that focuses on schoolwide activities that reduce stigma and promote help-seeking
  • Each club should host at least 4 schoolwide activities a year
  • Tier 2 interventions or support groups should not be considered Empowerment Clubs
  • Whenever your school has club meetings.
  • This should be considered a formal extracurricular club
  • Any school, anywhere.
Sample Resources

Hundreds more on the Resource Portal!

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Interested in Being a School-based Advisor for a Teen Empowerment Club

Thank you for your interest in starting a local Teen Empowerment Club! We have a number of ways for you to make a difference in the community you live and serve.

As an advisor, you need to be:

  • a school-based professional,
  • willing to support teen-led initiatives around mental health in your school,
  • dedicated to the mission, vision and values of Erika’s Lighthouse,
  • believe that teens can change the world.

Please complete the form below. We will be in touch soon!

Interested in Financially Sponsoring Teen Empowerment Clubs

Thank you for your interest in supporting Teen Empowerment Clubs! We have a number of ways for you to make a difference in the community you live and serve.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to:

  • Have your name on the Erika’s Lighthouse website.
  • Create a sponsored AAA that clubs are encouraged to do.
  • Receive updates from the local clubs on how your support has positively impacted them.
  • Other possibilities based on connection and appropriateness.

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Our School Mental Health Programs Resonate


My ability to help someone with depression has completely changed after the Erika’s Lighthouse Program because I can see signs of depression, and I know who to call if I or someone else needs help.



“I wanted to help my classmates, who were also dealing with mental health struggles, which inspired me to establish an Erika’s Lighthouse club at my school.”



“I helped start teen empowerment because i noticed my school lacked resources for student mental health struggles and there was a disconnect between asking for help with an adult and friend.”


Break the silence. Begin changing your school’s culture today with an Awareness into Action Activity.

We’re ready to help educators, faculty, staff, and especially teens start awareness activities that help them create meaningful conversations and empathy surrounding mental health.

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