Empowering Teens to Change the World

Learn about Depression

Depression is real, common, serious and treatable. You can, and should, get help. You are not alone. There is hope.
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Change the World

Shift your school culture to be more positive, inclusive and empathetic on issues surrounding mental health with a Teen Empowerment Club.
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Host a Community Event

Bring your community together by hosting an Erika’s Lighthouse community awareness and fundraising event.
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Share Your Story

Make A Difference

Have you experienced depression and sought help?

Hearing stories from real teens that have been there, encourages others to speak out and seek help for themselves.

Erika’s Lighthouse is looking for 7th-12th graders to share their experiences with depression for our new middle school program video.

How can Erika’s Lighthouse help me and my friends, family and school?

Erika’s Lighthouse was founded in response to a young girl losing her life to depression. This should never happen again, so we are dedicated to supporting you, your friends, your family and your school to educate and empower teens like you to take charge of your mental health. We know that teens, when given the opportunity and resources, can change the world. We can help.

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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Do you want to share your story and empower others? Erika’s Lighthouse is on a mission to provide free mental health education to any school, anywhere. Erika’s Lighthouse classroom videos use real...

Getting involved with Erika’s Lighthouse was an amazing way for me and other teenagers to understand that depression was not something to be ashamed of, but rather a topic we must further discuss. Everyone deserves good mental health, and organizations like this one are giving hope to those who need it. I will always be grateful for being a part of this organization that continues to impact many teenagers.

Edgar Avalos

Teen Participant , Rolling Meadows High School

Educate Yourself and Your Friends

The heart of Erika’s Lighthouse and the foundation for change is education. Through Classroom Programs, Teen Empowerment Clubs and our Parent Handbook we are driven to offer valid and reliable resources that educate and empower.

You can take the first step by educating yourself using our Teen Toolbox. This tool will help you:

  • Learn about depression
  • Prevent depression and promote good mental health
  • Treat depression
  • Thrive with depression
  • Help a friend or family member

Visit the Teen Toolbox today >

Change the World

You have the power to change the world by shifting your schools’ culture to be more positive, inclusive and empathetic on issues surrounding mental health with a Teen Empowerment Club and Awareness into Action Activities.

Teen Empowerment Clubs and Awareness into Action Activities are designed as easy, flexible, and turn-key opportunities to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Reduce stigma
  • Educate your classmates about positive mental health, depression and other mental health challenges

Our team is here to help you every step of the way in making positive changes in your school building.

Learn more about Teen Empowerment Clubs today >

Engage and Educate Your Parents

Are you or a friend struggling to help your parents understand how someone is feeling? We understand. Parents may have a hard time understanding depression and your mental health. It can be scary to realize your child might be struggling and not know how to help.

Erika’s Lighthouse can help you and them! The Parent Handbook is an amazing resource written by parents for parents to help them understand depression and educate them on how to help their child. You can share a link to the handbook or even pass them one of our parent bookmarks if you feel they aren’t understanding or listening to you.

Learn more about the Parent Handbook and find ways to get it in front of parents >

Bring Erika’s Lighthouse to Your School

Do you wish your school was teaching you and your peers about depression? You can introduce our programs to your teachers, counselors, social workers or principal! We have a number of resources and tools you can share to help them understand how our programs work and the positive impact they can have in your school. 

Download a few of our tools and resources to share today:

Host an Event in Your Community

You can demonstrate the power and passion behind mental health awareness by hosting a community event. Erika’s Lighthouse provides tools, resources and support to host a walk or another fundraising event. Bringing your community together in support of positive teen mental health, reducing stigma and raising awareness are amazing opportunities to mark special occasions or memorialize someone or something.

Learn more about hosting an event >

Erika’s Lighthouse Programs: Designed with you in mind.

Worrying that you or someone you love has depression can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Hope and help is possible and it all starts with a little education.