Policy & Staff Training

Everyone in a school needs to be prepared to support a student.

School staff are role models and trusted adults. Everyone, no matter their role, has an opportunity to support a child’s mental health. 

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Free Staff Training, Wellbeing and Policy Recommendations

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Staff Training

All staff need to be prepared to be a trusted adult and ally.

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Wellbeing Activities

Supporting wellness requires wellness.

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Policies & Best Practices

Prepare your school to address youth mental health.

Key Components that Positively Impact Schools & Staff

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Training Modules

A series of trainings to equip educators and staff

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Turn-Key & Adaptable

Ready to go, easy to implement and completely customizable

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Seamless Alignment

All Erika’s Lighthouse programs are plug-and-play

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Implementation Information

  • All school staff should be trained
  • Training can be done by on-site mental health staff or outside school partner
  • Four prepared modules + a DIY local school policy
  • 30-120 minutes based on preference
  • Staff Wellbeing Activities to support staff and normalize conversations
  • Before the school year or prior to other program implementation is best
  • Throughout the year to reiterate message
  • On-demand via Erika’s Lighthouse portal with a certification system
  • Virtual or In-person by school staff
Sample Resources

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“The [staff training] course was well put together, the information given gave clear examples of what signs to be aware of, guidance on how to talk with students was informative and the resource page is very helpful.”

Teachers, Illinois


“I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this information with them and their teachers and I feel very good about the impact it has had on them. I want to continue conversations with them.”

Elementary Educator, Kentucky


“Erika’s Lighthouse was embraced sincerely by all youth, faculty and administrators this past year. I am personally very attached to this phenomenal program.”

Prevention Coordinator, Florida

Taking the stigma out of adolescent depression is our passion and our expertise.

You’re the experts on your students. We’ll meet you where you are, and help empower teens to take charge of their mental health. Access our free programs today.

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