School Policy & Staff Development

Ensure your school is prepared to cultivate an inclusive school culture around mental health through positive school policies, training, educator support, staff engagement and self-care. These offerings will help build a strong foundation for effective and meaningful conversations that promote good mental health, early identification and intervention.

School Policy

Templates, suggestions and ideas to create a Mental Health Task Force, adopt effective interventions, leverage partnerships, access mental health evaluations and more.

Staff Training

Access a 30-120 minute staff training that can be implemented individually or in a group setting. The training encourages schools to adapt the training for their specific policies and protocols.

Educator Support

On-demand support available for administrators, mental health staff and educators via telephone, video chat, email, or a peer-based Discussion Forum to share challenges and best practices.

Staff Engagement

Resources that promote self-care and mental well-being, encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration and support staff in adopting a shared vision, vocabulary and more.

Promoting Inclusive School Cultures Around Mental Health

School Policy & Staff Development resources are key to building a strong foundation for school communities to launch effective programming.

Ready to Go Materials

Our resources are completely turn-key: they’re ready for you to use as soon as you set up an account.

Flexible and Free

Our resources can be used in conjunction with others or piecemeal based on a schools need. Access these today.

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School Support

We work with you on best practices, how to adapt the materials, and how to raise awareness while raising hope.

A Strong Foundation & Universal Resources

The School Policy & Staff Development pillar is designed to build a solid foundation on the MTSS pyramid to enhance Tier 1 Classroom Education, Teen Empowerment and Family Engagement. 

Depression Education is Suicide Prevention

Utilizing an upstream approach, depression education allows school communities to identify MORE students struggling with mental health challenges EARLIER than suicide prevention alone. This can result in early intervention and avoidance of suicidal ideations. Over 96% of students believe anxiety and depression are problems within their school building. Universal education around these topics is important, effective and necessary.

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Mental Health Impacts the Whole Child

Our programs firmly center on the student, allowing them to find their voices and speak up about mental health. By building up students in their school, they have the ability to share their knowledge with the community around them, and in turn create a whole school and whole community that support their physical and mental health. These building blocks provide students the foundation to succeed and excel academically and socially.

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Our Programs Bridge SEL and Mental Health

Social-Emotional Learning is key to student development, but SEL can only accomplish so much. In fact, mental health is an outcome of SEL. Our programs act as a bridge for students to put SEL into practice to benefit their mental health. Working with the CASEL 5 components – Erika’s Lighthouse is helping schools to easily build on their programs and establish good mental health behaviors for students.

Taking the stigma out of adolescent depression is our passion and our expertise.

You’re the experts on your students. We’ll meet you where you are, and help empower teens to take charge of their mental health. Access our free programs today.

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Erika's Lighthouse Programs Are Near You

Our evidence-informed, depression awareness education programs are spreading around the world. See if a school or organization near you is utilizing Erika's Lighthouse Classroom Programs.

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