Empowering Educators To Lead Depression Awareness Initiatives in Their Schools

Erika’s Lighthouse is proud to now also offer a Remote Learning Program for the 2020-21 School Year.
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Ready to Go Materials

Our videos and lessons are completely turnkey: they’re ready for you to use as soon as you set up an account. Opening up begins immediately.

Flexible and Free

Some schools only have a day to discuss mental health. Some schools don’t benefit from small group work. Our material is adaptable to all situations. We want it to work for you.


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School Support

All-inclusive support, at no cost. We work with you on best practices, how to adapt the materials, and how to raise awareness while raising hope.

How Erika’s Lighthouse Programs Work For Your School

Free teen depression awareness programs designed to create discussion in your classrooms. Comprehensive enough to use immediately. Flexible enough to fit every school.

Every school is different. Our videos, lesson plans, and questions allow educators to adapt materials according to the needs of their school so that we can forge a healthy environment for students to talk to educators, and to each other. We invite you to learn more about The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression Awareness for Middle School Students and The Erika’s Lighthouse Program: Depression and Suicide Awareness for High School Students.


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The program is comprehensive in that it provides a thorough and scientific understanding of depression, explores and clears away the negative stigma associated with mental illness, provides guidance on how to seek help for oneself and a friend, and addresses the importance of adopting and maintaining healthy coping mechanisms to combat everyday stressors. Students share with me that they are grateful for the education, practical tools, and permission to discuss mental health issues in a way that is authentic, hopeful, and empowering.

Nancy Watson, LCSW, CADC

Social Worker, Lake Forest Country Day School

An Evolving Program

The way young people communicate with each other is always changing. School climate is always changing. Mental health research is always changing. That’s why we’re always changing.

We learn from the students, schools, teachers, and administrators with whom we partner. We learn from what works and what doesn’t, and are always evolving. Here’s a snapshot of how our middle and high school programs are qualified:

  • National Health Education Standards (NHES) compliant
  • Evidence-informed and data-driven
  • Meet requirements for mandated suicide and depression awareness and prevention education in many states
  • Independently evaluated by Dr. Michael S. Kelly, PhD, LCSW, Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work

We guarantee our high school and middle school programs:

  • Improve students’ knowledge of depression
  • Improve students’ attitudes towards help-seeking

The Erika’s Lighthouse Program for High School Students

A teacher-led, video based classroom program that takes a deeper look at depression and suicide and explores strategies for good mental health. 

The Erika’s Lighthouse Program for Middle School Students

This teacher-led, video based program provides an introduction to depression and good mental health.

Taking the stigma out of adolescent depression is our passion and our expertise.

You’re the experts on your students. We’ll meet you where you are, and help empower teens to take charge of their mental health. Access our free programs today.

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Erika's Lighthouse Programs Are Near You

Our evidence-informed, depression awareness education programs are spreading around the world. See if a school or organization near you is utilizing Erika's Lighthouse Classroom Programs.