School Clubs that Empower and Educate Teens to Eliminate Stigma

Raise Awareness

Educate others about mental health through student-powered communication.

Break Stigma

Through Awareness into Action Activities, teens eliminate the shame and blame of mental illness, making it easier to get help.


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Spread Empathy

Build an inclusive culture in your school.

What Teen-Led Initiatives Can Accomplish

Student-powered awareness and dialogue is the most effective way to encourage communication and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

When students talk, other students listen. Teens highlighting the importance of learning about mental health shows their peers that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It demonstrates that those suffering from mental illness don’t have to hide. They can talk, they can get help, and they can live.

That’s what awareness does. When it comes from other teens, it is our most powerful tool. We’re proud to help students start a Teen Empowerment Club in their school, lead Awareness into Action Activities, and use their voice to Get Depression Out of the Dark.

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Teen Empowerment Clubs

Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Empowerment Clubs give students a chance to make a difference in their school and normalize mental illness, promote positive mental health and build a culture of inclusiveness throughout the year.

There are two Teen Club opportunities: Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Empowerment Clubs or Affiliate Teen Clubs*

We support Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Empowerment Clubs through:

  • $250 in grant money for meetings & activities
  • Club T-Shirts for members
  • Co-branded, customizable materials
  • Discussion board with national network of clubs
  • Newsletters and other communication throughout the year
  • Over 40 Awareness into Action Activities to implement virtually or in-person

*Affiliate Teen Clubs are any extracurricular club or organization using Awareness into Action Activities. However, these clubs will not have access to the benefits provided to formal Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Empowerment Clubs.

Starting An Erika’s Lighthouse Teen Empowerment Club

Starting a Club is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Determine a school advisor/sponsor(s) for the club
  2. Make sure to read our easy-to-implement guide on How to Start a Teen Club
  3. Contact Ilana Sherman to let her know that you are interested in starting a club in the school
  4. Recruit students to join the club and attend a Kickoff meeting
  5. Hold the Kickoff meeting
  6. Lead your first Awareness into Action Activity

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Break the silence. Start a Teen Empowerment Club.

We’re ready to help educators, faculty, staff, and especially teens empower one another and help them feel comfortable talking about mental health. Contact Ilana Sherman, Director of Education, at for the next steps.

Starting a Club Guidebook

Awareness into Action Activities are Impactful

There are over 40 Awareness into Action Activities that look like whatever the teens feel is the best way to raise their voices. Activities have been broken into four categories so schools can mix them up and have different focuses.

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness, relaxation and opportunities to think about our how our moods and attitudes allow for more connected schools.

Positivity Promoters

Spread a little sunshine and positivity around the school to boost moods and put smiles on faces.

You Are Not Alone Reminders

Help students identify who they can talk with and how to find help if in need of support.

Education Efforts

Education is key to reducing stigma and raising awareness. Knowledge is power!

Some Awareness into Action Activities include:

  • Creating and displaying positivity, encouragement and compliment posters
  • Making and delivering holiday cards
  • Assembling and distributing finals week goodie-bags to fellow students
  • Hosting bake sales to fundraise
  • Making educational table tents for the lunchroom

The only limit to a school’s awareness activities is imagination. And the outcome is always hope. Erika’s Lighthouse creates and shares activities that were developed by other Teen Empowerment Clubs around the country – enabling you the opportunity to easily replicate effective initiatives.

We saw a need for education on the topic of mental health and we thought that [promoting] a positive learning environment was necessary. One of the club leaders had heard of an awesome club from her brother who had a great experience being part of Erika’s Lighthouse at another school. The club has grown to include many members, all of whom are very excited to help the cause. This is the first time Whitney Young has had a club like Erika’s Lighthouse and we are excited to keep benefiting from the amazing message – we need to Get Depression Out of the Dark.


Erika's Lighthouse Teen Club Student, Whitney Young High School

Break the silence. Begin changing your school’s culture today with an Awareness into Action Activity.

We’re ready to help educators, faculty, staff, and especially teens start awareness activities that help them create meaningful conversations and empathy surrounding mental health.

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